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"You can't wait for inspiration, you have to go after it with a club."

PageFour is no longer being updated. The software is old and has reached the end of its development life. In September 2017 we released Atomic Scribbler, new software for writers that has much in common with PageFour. We recommend you visit the Atomic Scribbler website and download the trial version. It's modern, fresh and here to stay!
You can still download, try out and purchase PageFour. But be aware that the software is no longer under active development, and that a PageFour license cannot be used for Atomic Scribbler. All future development work will be on the new software.
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"If you are a serious writer or serious about being a writer, PageFour is the best out there."

"One of the best features of PageFour is its sublime simplicity."

"It takes what it does seriously and doesn't want to blind you with sparkly extras that aren't necessarily very useful."

"I can write without endless distractions and fiddling."

"What I like best about it, is its simplicity."

"A fantastic application if you want to write not faff!"

"All the tools I need, including a folder/file management system that lets me actually find what I need, when I need it. "

"A fabulous tool for serious writers... "

"A lean, clean interface that lets me focus on what actually pays the bills: getting the words down on the page."

"I love the flexibility."

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A single license covers your desktop and lap top. A PageFour license is valid for multi-PC use by a single user. Though minor upgrades are included (and major upgrades if they occur within 6 months of purchase), the software is sold for what it does now, not for what it might do in future versions. Schools and colleges may qualify for bulk discounts. Please contact us direct for more details.