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User Reviews of PageFour

You've read what we think about PageFour, and as you'd expect from the designers of the product, it's just a little bit biased. There are numerous reviews of PageFour scattered across download sites, blogs, and forums, but these are often hard to find.

We've gathered together a small sample of those reviews so you can see what current PageFour users think. These reviews are unedited by ourselves, and in most cases contain a link to the review, or to the reviewer's web-site or blog.

What PageFour users have to say

Sommer Leigh says: "I'm thrilled to encourage anyone else to go the way of PageFour because I believe it takes what it does seriously and doesn't want to blind you with sparkly extras that aren't necessarily very useful. The word processor is the best I've seen of all the reviews I've done. I highly recommend trialing this if you're not already in love with a software."

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If you give a girl a pen says: "I love the flexibility of being able to move my stuff around, reference notes and outlines easily, and to open a chapter without having to scroll around to find it. The tab feature alone makes me like this software, but another cool feature is the ability to quickly scan for over used words and phrases."

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Cottage Copy says: "I can honestly state that this program has really changed my writing life. I was a Microsoft Word girl before this, and I don't know how I didn't find this before. Now, I don't promise that you'll find it equally magical, but I can give you some solid statements about how it has changed the way I work. 1) My productivity has gone up by at least 50%..."

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Teresa says: "PageFour Notebook is a welcome addition to my collection of writing/planning programmes. What I like best about it, is its simplicity. The layout is clean, with the option to have only the word processor on the screen or a list of notebooks and the current notebook on the left. You can have as many files open as you want - they're tabbed, making switching back and forth really easy."

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Tom Colvin says: "PageFour is more than a word processor. It is a total environment for creative writers who have no need for such business-oriented features like tables, footnoting or the ability to insert graphics and photographs. Writers can safely stockpile here in one place all of their projects, along with their research notes, character profiles and whatever else the writer wishes. All of it is easily accessible in an extremely clear, easy-to-use interface. Text formatting is as simple as it gets. Work is automatically saved, and writers can easily set up an archiving system for selected projects which will keep up to 30 copies of a project as it evolves over time."

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A.J. Walker says: "I have MS Word and I am also a published writer and aspiring novelist. Again, I have Word, there is nothing wrong with Word, BUT IT IS NOT GEARED FOR WRITERS the way PageFour is. That is why I have the software.

I tried the other free versions of writer specific word processors but they were nowhere as intuitive or nicely presented as I have found with PageFour. (Word and OpenOffice are NOT creative writer specific.)

Writers want to sit down and write when the muse strikes (or when the editor demands), that is what is so good about PageFour. If you are trying to compare this to Word or OpenOffice, you are completely missing the point of why this app was written and who is the intended user - people who make their living (or aspire to) with words.

You sit down, open it up and can get to work on your next great writing project. Your ideas can be outlined, changed, moved, etc. with a minimum of fuss. You can have any number of Notebooks, subnotebooks, pages, chapters, all grouped and arranged in a way that works best for you VISUALLY.

All of this simplicity lets you concentrate on what is the most important thing, getting compeling words down on 'paper' and nothing is included in this app that would get in the way of that.

Darren deserves a hardy pat on the back from the writing community for a very elagant application that adresses just about all the needs of creative writers.

Get his wonderful piece of software even if you have to pay for it. If you are a serious writer or serious about being a writer, PageFour is the best out there."

Tammy Cravit says: "A fabulous tool for serious writers. As a professional writer (more than 200 published articles, two books, and a mystery novel in the works), I'm very, VERY picky about my tools. It's essential to me that my tools help me get my work done and then, having done so, get out of my way and let me work. Pretty ribbonesque toolbars that change based on what the program's developer thinks I want to be doing don't cut it. (Buh-bye, Word 2007.) Bloatware that drags my PC down into the dirt has no place on my hard drive. (Earth to WordPerfect? Umm, no. Bye now.)

And then, there's PageFour. All the tools I need, including a folder/file management system that lets me actually find what I need, when I need it, and a lean, clean interface that lets me focus on what actually pays the bills: getting the words down on the page. No fuss, no hassles, just a good clean tool that does what I need and does it well. And the back-end file storage uses standard RTF files, so there's no risk of your data being held hostage the next time a big software company started by a nerdy guy named Bill decides to change file formats on you.

Darren, the developer of PageFour, has been nothing but responsive to my requests for new features (one of which has already appeared in beta version 1.53 of the app.) He's been, in fact, a whole lot more responsive than a lot of software vendors would be, especially given the relatively low price and generous demo terms afforded to his product.

If you're serious about writing, if eye candy is less important to you than putting fingers to keyboard and actually cranking out the words, PageFour is definitely worth a serious look. You can spend a lot more money to get something that does the job a lot less well. But why?"

Procrastiwriter says: "A fantastic application if you want to write not faff! One of the best features of PageFour is its sublime simplicity. It is clutter-free and easy to use - I can write without endless distractions and fiddling or wondering if I should include a pie chart "because I can".

The wordprocessor is perfect - all the functionality I need, but it was the Notebooks that really swung it for me. I am using PageFour for all my writing - a novel in progress, a journal, notes, etc. Having everything in one place is invaluable.

Oh - and in case I haven't raved enough - the Print Templates are fantastic too!

Cons: The only downside for me was that PageFour doesn't run on a MAC. I can understand why - it's a lot of work. However, I liked PageFour so much that it proved the deciding factor in upgrading to a new MacBook with dual boot for Windows - problem solved! Kind of an expensive approach but I plan on using the application for a long time to come so it was worth it."

E. Casey Young says: "Given the prevalence of Microsoft Word, why would a creative or freelance write choose to use another Word Processing program? PageFour is admittedly a program that is not as "feature-rich" as its monolithic competitor, but what it lacks in business features, it makes up for in tools that are targeted directly to the creative mind... In summary, this product has proven to be a useful tool and if worth taking a look at for any writer who thinks differently than the "corporate drone" using Microsoft Word for business purposes."